What is CIDP?


CIDP is abbreviation for County Integrated Development Plan. Developing CIDP is the first major task of any new county administration. Why? Because it guides all public spending for the county, for the five-year term.

The process of development of CIDP is, therefore, of utmost importance to citizens of a county and all stakeholders in that county, because every development, general or specific, is guided by the CIDP. If, for example, residents of a particular ward, or town etc. are not involved in the development of the County Integrated Development Plan, it essentially means that their development priorities cannot be captured. If they are not captured, how then can they be budgeted for and implemented within the next five years? The challenge becomes even worse, when citizens fail to take part in public participation in development of CIDPs, then later on complain that serikali haijali maslahi yetu.

The truth is that the government and governmental institutions are fashioned to spend only where it has budgeted for. If they spend outside the budget, we wananchi will be the first to throw stones in the name of mismanagement and misappropriation of public funds. This means that if you are not involved in development of CIDP, your particular interests and development priorities, whether as youths, women, residents of a town, ward etc. will have to wait for the next five years. Just imagine! That is how County Integrated Development Plans are important, and why they should matter to you. Next, we will discuss how CIDPs are developed. Stay tuned for updates on public participation on CIDP development across the counties.