West Pokot, County Executive Committee (CEC) Members


County Executive Committee (CEC) Members, West Pokot County, under Governor Simon Kachapin Kitalei are as follows;

  1. Paul P’Kokot Woyakapel – CEC, Finance and Economic Planning.
  2. Clare Chemutai Parklea – CEC, Health and Sanitation.
  3. Rebeca Kide – CEC, Education and Technical Training.
  4. Wilfred Longronyang – CEC, Agriculture, Livestock, Irrigation and Fisheries.
  5. Litole Jemtai Lucky – Water, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change.
  6. Esther Chelimo Loukotum – CEC, Land, Housing and Physical Planning, and Urban Development.
  7. Loriong’ong’ar Rutto Joshua – CEC, Roads, Public Works and Transport.
  8. Martin Aperem Lotte – CEC, Public Service Management, Deveolved Units, Administration and ICT.
  9. William Lopewot Petot – CEC, Co-operative Development, Industry and Energy.
  10. Joshua Lochmidi Siwanyang – CEC, Culture, Tourism, Sports, Youth Affairs and Social Services.